Dog Grooming

Services in Bedford

Dog Grooming Services

by Louise Hughes

Each Dog grooming session includes:

  • De-matting
  • Brushing out
  • Bathing

Flea treatment is available which would be discussed with Louise first. All dogs are bathed using hypoallergenic shampoo..


Each dog is dried individually by Louise. There is no cage drying.


Is to owner’s requirements. Louise can advise different styles if needed.

  • Ear cleaning and plucking of the ear hair
  • Anal Glands
  • Nail clipping including dew claws

Dogs are booked in on an appointment system only, with only one dog per session, so there is no waiting around. All breeds of dog are welcome.

Some dogs are nervous and are better if their owner stays with them. This can be discussed with Louise.

For further information about the grooming services I provide Call: 01234 768303