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Cats And Small Pets Grooming Services

by Louise Hughes


Louise will ask the owner to stay with the cat.


Each cat grooming session includes:

  • Brushing out the dead hair
  • De-matting
  • Nail clipping including dew claws

    Cats are never caged or chained.

    Rabbit & Small Pet Grooming

    Louise will ask the owner to stay with the pet.

    Each grooming session includes:

  • Brushing and combing out the dead hair and knots, if any.
  • Nail cutting
  • Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, short haired or long haired all need to be groomed.

    For further information about the grooming services I provide Call: 01234 768303



    Each grooming session is on an individual basis by appointment only, with only one animal in the salon at any one time. I provide a personal and professional service to each and every customer.


    T: 01234 768303

    A: 23 Fields Road, Wootton Bedford, MK43 9JJ

    City & Guilds

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